Putas casadas en Sant Lluis / San Luis

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Jonathon - 5 Septiembre 14:32

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Mcginness - 15 Noviembre 19:30

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Kathy - 1 Febrero 23:20


Helper - 23 Junio 16:56


Sondra - 11 Augusto 04:26

I am reasonably sure, when you said an emeritus professor at Cambridge, you meant Brian Josephson. В However, he is fringe in his field, even with his Nobel Prize, but he is a physicist and not a medical scientist. If we are just going to seek out random prestigious people with whom we already agree with and appeal to them, I can do the same thing. В Lastly, appealing to two Nobel Peace Prize laureates is just a bad argument from authority.

Carmen - 17 Septiembre 10:06

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Eversmann - 14 Abril 22:56

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Aboulissan - 4 Octubre 20:06

2:38 Here's a general rule, if you can't wield a motor vehicle, you ought not wield your wiener. I appreciate your views on consent, but ifealt this was slightly distasteful. Asking consent needs to be taught to men AND women. Female rapists exist, and I feel the statement about drinking eluded to the idea that only men take advantage of drunk women. Or that when both parties are equally drunk it's the man's fault if something happens. Not trying to be inflammatory just stating how I heard it.

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